Guidelines for Three Minute Talk (TMT) Poster Presentations

Presentation Lengths, File Formats and other Housekeeping

The purpose of the Three Minute Talk (TMT) is to share the HIGHLIGHTS of your research and the MAJOR take-home message/s. All poster presenters are required to present a TMT. The TMT should concentrate on the main results and conclusions, and avoid going into details about methodology, background and acknowledgements. TMT presentations will be strictly limited to three (3) minutes.

The slides (but not your video presentation) will also be uploaded as an individual file which will be accessible to the delegates to download and ask further questions during the session discussion and in the discussion rooms during intervals and after the event. If there is any sensitive data that you do not want to be accessible, please remove it from the slides that you submit and mark those areas as "embargoed". Similarly, if there is extra information that you wish to include in the slides (but which will not fit into the presentation) you can include that in the file you submit for delegates to download.

All sessions will have a general discussion period facilitated by the session chair during which questions may be answered for TMTs.

Centralising the stream of videos via pre-recorded presentations to one stable connection reduces possible internet connectivity issues and also allows presenters to concentrate on the discussion of their topic. In order to ensure the smooth running of the program and avoid any potential technical issues relating to the running of the presentations themselves, all presentations should be pre-recorded and submitted to BEFORE Tuesday 20 October 2020. It is at this point that all the presentations will be tested for functionality. Should any issues be noted, enough time will be available to address these.

Presenters are expected to ensure that their presentations include all relevant acknowledgements and that the materials used in their presentations (incl. photographs and other images) do not breach copyright.


Regardless of what recording software is used, the format of the videos must be MP4 with a resolution of between 480 to 720 p and a maximum size of 150MB. Submit your file (video and slides) using a transfer platform to BEFORE Tues 20 October 2020: SendAnywhere -, WeSendIt - or WeTransfer -


TMT presentations should be limited to a MAXIMUM of four (4) slides - here is a TEMPLATE to guide you:

  1. Title slide - title (same as on poster); list of authors/co-authors and their respective institutions (underline the presenter's name); hypothesis/question being tested/examined. Include a small graphic of the full poster so the audience knows what to look for.
  2. Results slide/s (maximum of two) - the most important or interesting results, preferably summarised in a figure or table. Use SI units in text, figures, and tables.
  3. Recommendations/summary slide – the most important recommendations, limited to three bullet points. Is there one unique fact you can leave your audience with?


Simplify, summarise, streamline!

  • TMT presentations should be designed to pique the interest of delegates with a view to encouraging them to engage with the presenter in the discussion forum.
  • Do not try and cram more than one slide's worth of material into a single slide.
  • Do not read out or acknowledge the list of authors, the audience can read!
  • Do not acknowledge funders or supporters, the audience can read!
  • Try include pictures to keep it interesting.
  • Do not give a long introduction or background to the subject, just a brief overview of why the subject may be important and of interest to delegates and The Symposium.
  • Keep explanation of methods to an absolute minimum.
  • Focus on the results and the associated recommendations. Use colour, shapes and/or animations to emphasise key figures/points where appropriate without getting distracting.
  • Rehearse your presentation, and aim for 3 minutes.

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