Covid-19 Pandemic = Virtual 2020 Conservation Symposium: FAQs

The Conservation Symposium Steering Committee took the decision on Wednesday 22 April 2020 to change the format of the 2020 Conservation Symposium to a virtual symposium in response to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

WHY go virtual??!! Postponing is not feasible as the length of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects are unknown. A hybrid event (combining small physical groups connected virtually) would be prohibitively expensive due to duplicate venues, tech, etc. Planning a physical event would necessitate extreme restrictions on the number of delegates permitted and, depending on the South African lockdown level in November, many delegates may not be permitted to travel across provincial borders or, worse, the event would be cancelled completely.

A Virtual CONSERVATION SYMPOSIUM means that the Exploration of the Science, Practice and Value of Nature Conservation continues & COMES TO WHEREVER IN THE WORLD YOU MAY BE!

HOW will The Symposium go virtual? The Dryfta platform, which The Conservation Symposium uses, has been innovating, integrating and improving to facilitate conferences to become 100% virtual and online. Thus, user information, passwords and much of what is already familiar to Symposium delegates remain the same. Over the next few months, details of how to present, both oral and poster presentations, online, how to be a delegate online, how to chair a session online, how to network online, and how to cope with an online conference (!), will be shared on The Conservation Symposium website and social media channels. In the meanwhile, get your session proposals, workshop proposals and abstract submissions ready and submit online as you always have.

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